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Beatles, The: Magical Mystery Tour Mono (Vinyl)

Beatles, The: Magical Mystery Tour Mono (Vinyl)
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1 x 180g black vinyl

1 x Set of 4c CMYK + 877 labels

1 x Hardcover gatefold sleeve with right side open, 315x315mm, 400g GD2 board, cover sheet printed 4/0 on 150g paper, matt machine varnish/booklet 24pp, 300x300mm, 120g silk paper, printed

4/4, stapled x3 and glued inside the gatefold on page 3.

1 x polylined white inner sleeve, 309x304mm, centre hole on front and back, 90-100g, gluing flaps outside

1 x insert, 2pp, 300x300mm, 4/4 CMYK, 200g paper

1 x Sticker, 65x180mm, easily removable, 4/0 CMYK, matt finish

1 x Shrinkwrap