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Marley, Bob: Kaya (Vinyl)

Marley, Bob: Kaya (Vinyl)
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Kaya continued what become an unspoken tradition in the evolution of Bob Marley & the Wailers discography blending western sounds and motifs with the icons and traditions from the very core of Jamaican society. Themes of commonality and unity replace politics more than on previous albums. Now available on 180 gram vinyl in original artwork.


1. Easy Skanking (Side A)
2. Kaya (Side A)
3. Is This Love (Side A)
4. Sun Is Shining (Side A)
5. Satisfy My Soul (Side A)
6. She's Gone (Side B)
7. Misty Morning (Side B)
8. Crisis (Side B)
9. Running Away (Side B)
10. Time Will Tell (Side B)